Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Princess for a day

This is just a quick post to update you all with news from this year's M.E Awareness campaign, and share photos of my chosen outfit for The Princess and M.E's fundraising campaign.

I was very excited this year to dress up as I had chosen my favourite princess - Princess Leia Organa from the Star Wars film. Not only is she a kick-ass space princess, but she is also a general and leader of the rebel alliance. She also has great hair.

The real Leia never got her own light saber. Boo!

So here I am in all my finery. the light saber was super-imposed unfortunately. Probably for the best as I get a bit clumsy when I've overdone things. I posted this, and several other photos that you can see below, onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with my justgiving link and the response was amazing. I even managed to get the approval of Mark Hamill, who plays Leia's brother Luke Skywalker. I tweeted him the photo and he liked it, which means he must have thought I made a pretty good princess! Needless to say, I'm just a tad excited about that!

The actual Luke Skywalker liked my tweet!

Over the course of the month that my justgiving page has been active, I have managed to raise just over a thousand pounds! I am so unbelievable grateful to everyone who has supported me and donated to my Princess appeal. The money raised has gone to Action for M.E, a charity based in Keysham (just down the road from me) who have just announced the funding of two new UK research projects. Perfect timing!

The amount raised was out of this world!

So, once again, THANK YOU to everyone out there for cheering me on and helping me raise such a phenomenal amount. There is still plenty of time to sponsor me, if you haven't already, or even sponsor one of my fellow princesses via our Team Page. As a Team, we have been raising money for a whole host of M.E charities so you're spoilt for choice really. My last thank you must go to my fellow princesses, and Queen Sian in particular for putting in an amazing amount of effort to keep the whole shebang going. Sian is a poorly person, just like myself, yet she manages to organise all the princesses with grace and style. Thanks to her and her original idea of dressing as princesses, we have managed to raise a great deal of money and awareness over the last few years, as well as forge strong friendships within the members of Team Princess. it feels great to be able to make a difference even if we're too poorly to leave our beds. Here's to next year - I have absolutely no idea how I shall top this, but I shall try my best. 

How does this thing even work?
Hair game is strong with this one.
I discovered my photo editing app has a Star Wars section so I couldn't resist.

Even space princesses need a break.
The real Princess Leia in all her glory.

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