Monday, 21 March 2016

One year gone.

Exactly one year since she left us, the embroidery my Nanna left to me has just gone up on my wall.
For my entire life, it hung on her dining room wall and now it's up on my wall, I think it has finally hit me that I won't get to see her again. The photos really don't do it justice. It was sewn by a distant relation long before I was born but the colours are still vibrant and the stitching is beautiful. What makes it even more special is the sticker on the back, where my Nanna wrote my name as a reminder that this was one day going to be my picture. I'd rather have my Nanna back but it's some small comfort to have my name there, written in her familiar handwriting. I miss her so very much.


Under the cherry tree,
Memories of my Nanna and me.

Homemade soup for lunch
With the crust from fresh bread.
Electric blankets turned on,
Hot chocolate before bed.
The teasmaid to make you
Your tea every day.
Now the house, it lies empty
The green tiles are grey.

You were always there for me
But it's time to move on.
A house isn't a home
When the heart of it's gone.
I'll remember you always -
You'll live on through me
Like the blossom each spring
On your own cherry tree.

© Charlotte Green

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  1. Lovely words, we are lucky if we can relate to having a relative who meant so much to us. I think your Nanna would be very proud of this poem.