Friday, 4 December 2015

Mookpixie Makes: Kale chips*

Let me get one thing out of the way first. Kale smells of farts. It smells of farts when you prepare it, it smells of farts when you cook it. It smells of farts after you cook it. Luckily it doesn't taste of farts but I'm assuming it'll smell like farts when it comes out the other side. I'll have to let you know - I haven't got that far yet..........

Aside from the bum-perfume aroma, kale is supposed to be hella good for you, so when my husband came home with a big handful of the stuff (the perks of being married to a gardener) I thought I better give it a try. It does look pretty nice in its fresh state, and it doesn't pong until you start tampering with it. 

Handy kale tip: if it looks a little wilted, leave it in a bowl or pan of cold water and it will magically become all crisp and crinkly again. 

Now, I knew that cooking some up as a side to a main dish was not wise. My husband doesn't do vegetables and getting him to eat kale would be akin to asking hell to freeze over. Kale chips sounded a good option and fairly simple to make. According to the instructions I followed, all you do is tear the kale from the stalks into bite-size pieces, place on a baking tray, drizzle on some olive oil, season with salt and pepper, then whack in the oven at 175 C for ten to fifteen minutes until the edges are brown. Easy. Even someone with my limited physical powers can manage that.

Handy Kale tip #2: Like most vegetables, it shrinks A LOT when roasted or baked. Pile it up high on that baking tray!

I did as instructed but I found the kale cooked a lot quicker, probably because I forgot to factor in lowering the temperature for fan ovens. I had mine in for around 8 minutes and they were a bit overdone; brown all over whereas ideally, you want the middle to still be green. Anyway, it wasn't burnt and was all still edible so it was on to the all-important taste test.

I've had shop-bought kale crisps once before and they tasted like cheesy feet. Coupled with the fart smell, I have to say I wasn't too hopeful beforehand. Actually, they taste pretty good. The overcooked bits have a slight bitter aftertaste but the ones that were still a little green were nice. They don't need too much salt - I added a bit too much, probably to ward off cheesy feetness - and pepper adds a nice kick to them. They are lovely and crunchy, but do seem to turn to dust as soon as you bite into them. This lends them a slightly strange texture so I'd recommend you have plenty of water to drink to counteract the powdery mouth feeling.

All in all, they are pretty moreish. I expect, like most super-healthy foods, the taste and texture grows on you. I've had similar issues with other foods I've tried that I've quickly ended up loving. The big test will be if I can persuade my husband to try one when he gets back from work. 

*kale was gifted by one of my husband's clients however all views expressed in this blog are my own

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  1. You are one up on me as I had not tried Kale crisps except the shop variety. I do have a dehydrator so have no excuse really except that it takes an awful long time in the dehydrator. Well done for having a go. Mr Mookpixie might find his digestion is better if he eats some greens, still its early days yet I suppose. Mookpixie Mum xx