Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Minvita Mulberry Superfood

A big thank you to Meg from Minvita for sending me a free sample of their Mulberry Superfood Powder. It's made from 100% natural and sustainably harvested mulberry leaves, and is free from wheat, gluten and dairy. According to the pot, it helps to supplement vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants so I was keen to give it a try.

I love the colour of the powder.

I was a bit puzzled at first as to what to do with it as it is basically just bright green powder but luckily, there are a few helpful suggestions on the tub. I started by mixing some with my breakfast muesli and have also since tried adding some to herbal tea. At first, I used a bit too much - both the muesli and my tea turned into a sludgy mess. The mulberry powder thickens liquids so less is definitely more to begin with at least, about a level teaspoon for my herbal tea. I started with the same for my breakfast mix but have begun to increase this a little as I get used to the consistency. 

As far as taste goes, it was slightly bitter at first, possibly because I was using too much. I had a similar experience when I started using raw cacao powder but soon acquired a taste for it and now can't imagine my breakfast without a sprinkle of lovely chocolatey cacao. The same goes for the mulberry powder. Once I got used to the earthy taste (on the second or third tasting) it gave a lovely fruity element to each mouthful. The brightness of the powder also cheers me up each morning as it's more lively than the beigey brown of my muesli and cacao. 

Since using the powder daily, I have noticed it has given me a little more pep and my irritable bowel symptoms seem better too. My nails have also got a little stronger and shinier which is always a good sign. I would definitely recommend this product and will be buying it again when I run out. When i'm feeling a little stronger I hope to experiment with more uses, perhaps even attempt some baking!

You can find Minvita's Mulberry Superfood Powder on their website, along with their other products - all 100% natural. Have a look here.

You can also follow them on Twitter - @MinvitaUK, Facebook or check out the Minvita blog.

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