Monday, 27 October 2014

In Time

Another poem I started a while ago and only just remembered to finish (good old brain fog!) Rather apt what with the clocks going back.

In Time

Clock stopped
Won't go
Time slows
New lows
Days doze
Weeks go by
Years fly
No concept
Of time.
Which day?
Couldn't say
Without my
Pill tray.
No ringing bell
Still alarmed
Not well
Far from calm.
A day of ill
Is a week of well,
A week of ill
Is like a month of hell.
A month of ill
Is like a year,
A year of ill
Is like a life.
A life of this?
I couldn't cope
But then there's hope,
There's always hope.
Keep the faith
Trust in myself
I will get well
I can find health.
It'll get better, 
So will I
In time.........

© Charlotte Green