Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Fallen Leaves

I wrote this a while ago. It was one of the first poems I wrote since becoming ill. I never quite finished it until last night, when I discovered it hiding in my notebook. Reading it back reminded me how tough things were back then when all I could do was lie in bed, only having the strength to surface for mealtimes. It also showed me how far I've come. Even though I still have a long way to go, I feel proud to have made it this far.

Fallen Leaves

The leaves are falling, 
Drifting from the trees again
The wind takes them, 
Makes them spiral round again.
They dance so high 
As they fly across the sky.
I wish that I could travel
Far and wide like them.

I wish that I was light enough to ride the breeze.
To fly upon the wind and circle through the trees,
Never knowing, never caring where I head.
Instead I'm just a prisoner trapped in this lonely bed.

I was that dancing leaf
Twisting through the air.
Took my health for granted,
Didn't have a care.
Just like that dancing leaf
I wandered where I pleased.
Things are very different now
Because of this disease.

The wind, it disappears -
The leaves drop to the floor.
Without the breeze to lift them,
The leaves can dance no more.
They lie forlornly on the ground,
Their purpose gone.
Without the wind beneath them
They've no strength to carry on.

I am that fallen leaf
Lying on the ground.
If no-one's there to hear me cry,
Do I still make a sound?
Just like that fallen leaf
I'm starting to decay.
I lay here in my bed
And watch the years just slip away.

© Charlotte Green


  1. Beautiful poem, Charlotte. It reminds me of those tough first months and moments for me too, horrible to remember but nice to look back to see how far I've come since.

  2. Beautiful. And don't forget the feeling of being trampled on.