Saturday, 6 September 2014

All apologies

'I'm sorry.......'

'I've been meaning to.......' 

I hear that a lot. I understand that life for you healthy folk is busy and that time has a habit of running away from you and so I make allowances. I sympathise because I know it's not easy, keeping up a friendship with someone who is chronically ill however there comes a time when the excuses I make for you simply aren't enough. 

So here's what I'd like you to do.......

Imagine you are in your kitchen.

You open a cupboard and take out a plate. Any plate you like. Now take the plate outside.

I want you to imagine yourself standing on the road, plate in hand. Raise your arm up high and throw that plate on the ground. Imagine it hitting the hard Tarmac.

What happens?

Perhaps it breaks first time. If you're lucky it might bounce but stay intact, or merely get a few chips or scratches. If so, pick it up.

I want you to imagine yourself throwing that plate onto the road as many times as it takes until it breaks. Until you see it shattering spectacularly into a multitude of shards, razor sharp fragments flying everywhere.

Look at the plate, or rather what is left of it.

Now say you're sorry. 

Imagine yourself apologising to the plate for breaking it.

What happens?

I'm guessing not much. The plate is still broken, the pieces still scattered forlornly over the road. 

So now you have a choice. 

You can try to fix this. You can pick up the pieces and do your best to put them back together. With time and effort maybe you'll end up with a fairly decent plate again.

Or you can give up on that plate. Sweep up the broken mess and dump it in the bin. Cut your losses. Go back to the cupboard and find another plate. 

It's up to you.

But realise this.........

Without the actions to back them up, sometimes words are just that, empty of any true meaning or value.

And sometimes, 'sorry' just isn't enough.


  1. This had me in floods of tears, I can empathise so much with every single word. You are such an incredible writer and I'm definitely going to become an avid reader/lover of your blog!
    Hope you are feeling as 'okay' as possible today, sending my love.
    Katie x -

    1. Thank you Katie. It helps to know others experience the same. Sorry for making you cry! xxx