Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Best Princess

The poem below is for my friend Allan, who passed away suddenly last week. Over the past few days I have veered between disbelief and devastation at the news and for once I have struggled to put my thoughts into words. It feels strange writing about him like this because I never met Allan in real life and only became virtual friends several months ago through our fundraising efforts with Team Princess. He was a much cherished member of the online ME community and Allan's kindness and compassion reached out to all of us. His humour and gentleness, packaged in 140 characters, hurtled across cyberspace to raise a smile on even our darkest days. He was the first to offer 'gentle hugs' on payback days and celebrated every small milestone of recovery with such joy and hope. It's no exaggeration to say that Twitter is not the same without him.

Even though I only knew Allan for a relatively short time, I feel his loss as keenly as that of a close friend and I know some of my fellow princesses and spoonie friends feel similarly. Of course, it can't come anywhere close to how his family and friends must be feeling, but I think it shows how special a soul Allan was, to have become so dear to so many of his virtual friends. I may not have known Allan long, I may not have known him well, but I feel honoured and thankful to have known him at all. 

My thoughts are with Allan's family during this difficult time. May he rest well and rest in peace. 

A justgiving page has been set up in Allan's memory to raise money for Invest in ME. If you would like to donate, you can do so here -

The Best Princess

My friend died the other day.
My friend died 
And I'm bereft.
I am left 
Not knowing what to say.

Where do you start?
How do you start
To mend your heart
When there's a hole
Where he should be?
I can't believe that this is real.
One day you're chatting to your friend
Then the next, a life just ends,
Stops short, gone far too soon
So suddenly out of the blue.

Now who will send us gentle hugs
And photos of amazing mugs?
No more tweets of bible verses
Or tales of plays as he rehearses.
He was the first to wish us well
On days that felt like living hell 
And the first to cheer us on.
I can't believe that he is gone.

I miss my friend - miss him heaps.
Goodnight Princess, now you can sleep
Free from the payback and the pain,
Now you will never suffer again.
Rest well amongst the stars,
You're with your God now, safe from harm.

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