Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of the situation in Gaza. I am not pro-Hamas, or anti-Israel and have no answers on how the conflict should be resolved. All I know is that killing is wrong. Murdering innocent people is wrong. Bombing hospitals and schools can never be justified, nor can targeting children. 

The way some Israelis have purportedly been reacting to the bombardment and killing has been utterly chilling. Revelling in the death and destruction, bragging about the killing of innocents, writing nasty messages on the shells destined for Gaza, setting up sofas on the border to watch the shelling like some medieval form of entertainment. This is not humanity - it is barbarism. There can be no justification for this type of behaviour, nor can there be for the way Western leaders have sat back to allow the systematic destruction of an entire population.

Whoever is right, whoever is wrong, this is not the answer. It is 100 years since the start of WWI and it seems the human race has learnt nothing.


One Palestinian dies.
No-one cries
It's no surprise.
Two Palestinians die.
We wonder why
But still don't cry.
Then three, then four,
Then hundreds more.
How many have to die before
This cruel and unrelenting war
Is over, done and in the past?
For once please let the ceasefire last.
I pray for Gaza, pray for peace.
Please God, just let the killing cease.

© Charlotte Green

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