Friday, 8 August 2014

Black dress selfie


So here is my black dress selfie for Severe ME Day. I'm not going to write much for this post as I have just done one for Stop the ME Cover Up that pretty much explains why raising awareness is so important. I have a visitor coming today, a friend I haven't seen for some months now and so I need to save my energy for that. This is the reality of severe ME. I had to have a bath and wash my hair yesterday so I would be in a presentable state today. There's no way I'd have the energy to do that as well as have a visitor on the same day. It all has to be planned to make sure I don't overstretch myself and end up bedbound and in agony for days after. My friend is coming at 3 so I will spend most of today resting so I have the energy for the time she is here. If I'm lucky I will manage an hour. It'll probably be less because I find one to one conversations extremely taxing. It's much easier to just sit in the corner and let everything happen around you whilst you drift off in your ME fog. I count myself extremely lucky that I am now able to have visitors, and that through careful management of my illness I rarely have to cancel or postpone as I have had to so many times before. It would be nice if more research was done to find treatment or a cure so that I and the many thousands of sufferers out there could get well sooner. 


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