Thursday, 7 August 2014

Armchair Atrocities

My reaction to the unbelievable photos showing people supposedly watching the onslaught on Gaza from sofas at the border between Gaza and Israel. This is not a criticism based on race or religion, it is a criticism of the actions of a small minority of people and my views would be the same if the situation was reversed or in the context of another war. Regardless of our heritage and upbringing, each of us has a duty to act with love and compassion towards our fellow humans. Anyone who revels in the death and destruction of others is morally wrong, and to say so is not a criticism of their religion, it is a comment on them as an individual human being.

It is unfortunate that I have to explain myself in this way. I am saddened and angered that my intentions could be misconstrued. Not agreeing with the actions of others does not mean you are against their religion. If it did then I guess it would also make me anti-catholic because I abhor the actions of priests who abuse children. Similarly, that attitude would make me anti-Christian because I strongly condemn the behaviour of members of the KKK. A person's beliefs should not excuse their choices and actions towards other humans. There is good and evil in every corner of society and I resent being accused of anti-semitism simply because in this instance, the subjects of my criticism are likely to be Jewish. Religion is not the issue here - taking enjoyment from others' misfortune is wrong whatever your beliefs.

Armchair Atrocities

Bring your sofa to the slaughter.
Bring refreshments - food and water.
Bring your family and your friends
Especially your sons and daughters.

Teach your children how to hate.
Teach them killing isn't wrong.
Let them watch the mass destruction
As you cheer on every bomb.

Celebrate the constant shelling.
Dance and sing at every death.
Enjoy the explosive entertainment
Until there's no Gaza left.

Make yourself feel all superior.
Fill the internet with boasts.
Show the world you are the greatest
Because your country's killed the most.

May your sofas slowly swallow
Each and every grinning ghoul.
I don't want to hear your crowing.
I know killing isn't cool.

I hope your popcorn chokes you.
I hope every shell backfires.
You have lost all sense and reason.
Your humanity has expired.

Take your sofas - let them burn.
Take your children - let them learn
This is not how it should be -
Genocide is not T.V.

© Charlotte Green  

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