Saturday, 12 July 2014

We Share the Sky

Written late last night whilst thinking of all my virtual friends. I hope that one day I will be well enough to meet you all, as your support and love is invaluable. Until then, I will think of you all under the same sky as me, with the same stars shining down upon us.

We share the sky

We share the same sky

And look upon the same stars.

We are united, you and I, 

Forget how far apart we are.

We see the same,

We feel the same, 

Cut us and we bleed the same.

No matter we rule separate spheres,

The stars still shine and crush our fears

And one day, should our paths align

Together we will watch them shine.

© Charlotte Green


  1. Fantastic.
    Lovely poem, lovely sentiment.
    Keep writing..

  2. You made me cry again but not sad tears. Your poems are so lovely and meaningful and Tim deserves every word so well done you. You are inspirational.
    Your loving M via Paul