Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mrs Crimble's Macaroons


The food of the gods.

 I have been a huge fan of Mrs Crimble's chocolate macaroons for years. It's only since discovering my wheat intolerance that the penny dropped and I realised they were gluten free. Hurrah! They are absolutely delicious. Crusty on the outside, moist and chewy coconut on the inside, and covered in lovely dark chocolate that goes all melty on your fingers. 

Unlike the macaroons I remember eating at my Granny's when I were a lass, they don't have rice paper on the bottom. That's because chocolate always trumps rice paper, at least it does in my opinion and a thick layer of dark chocolate is much better even if it is a fair bit messier. The drawback here is that my husband (who doesn't have a wheat intolerance) loves them as much as me. I keep telling him to keep his hands off my GF Crimbles but it never works.

Mrs Crimble's make lots of other GF products. You can find details of these and where to buy them, as well as place orders online, at their website www.mrscrimbles.com. The website has its own blog and a section for GF recipes so is definitely worth checking out.

You can also find @mrscrimbles on Twitter and Facebook.

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