Thursday, 31 July 2014


Happy anniversary to my amazing superhero husband - this poem only touches the surface of how awesome you have been during my illness. Here's hoping we have many more much healthier years together. 


It's been three years since I became
Entitled to use your last name,
But no-one knew how life would change
So soon after the vows we made.
In sickness and in health we said,
But neither of us could have known
I'd have to spend my life in bed:
A prisoner in my own home.

Without you in my life
I wouldn't be here,
That is clear.
If I were not your wife
I would be lost,
I'd drown in fear.
You have cared for me
and shared with me
More than I thought
I'd ever need.

I could not have made it through
Without support and love from you.
So for those last three years I say
My thanks for each and every day.
For you have never once complained,
never grumbled, never moaned.
You never made me feel a burden,
Never let me feel alone.
You never once held me to blame,
Just dried my tears and eased my pain.
You made me laugh time and again
To keep me smiling through each day.

I'm proud to have you by my side.
You've proved you're worth your weight in gold.
I love you so much, Mr Green -
The truest love I've ever known.


  1. Blub fest. You're a lucky lady Mrs Green. Someone who supports and loves us without question is a spoonie essential. So happy for you both. X

  2. Another classic chronic ill. Crying reading it. Love and congratulations to you

  3. Lovely poem and very true.