Monday, 14 July 2014

Batch #5 Bread

I'm starting off locally with my first Gluten Free goodie. A few weeks ago I discovered Batch #5, a new company based in Bath that make lots of delicious treats and supply them to various local outlets. As luck would have it, one of these outlets happens to be near to my house so my husband was sent there one Saturday with instructions to get me ANYTHING!

Sliced Burly Brown Loaf

One of the items he bought for me was this beautiful thing - their Burly Brown Loaf. It comes both unsliced or sliced and is utterly delicious. I've had both and the only difference is that the sliced doesn't stay quite as fresh for as long as the unsliced, which is perfectly understandable from a sciencey perspective.

Two perfectly sliced bits of bread from my
unsliced loaf. Unheard of!

The loaf itself is, like all GF bread I have sampled so far, quite small in size and fairly dense in texture. Normally with mass-produced GF loaves this means the bread is heavy and dry but this was not the case for my lovely burly loaf. It was light, squidgy and fabulous! My usual tip to get round dry bread is to toast it but for the first time since I found out about my wheat intolerance, I was able to make a sandwich with fresh, untoasted bread. It was epic. No, really! In fact, the denseness turned out to be another plus point as it meant I was able to slice the loaf easily. No mutant wedge-shaped slices or piles of crumbs for me!

I could find no negatives to this product. it was equally delicious after a go in the toaster and a slathering of butter and marmite. Even the smallness of the loaf wasn't an issue, merely a good excuse to eat two rounds. All in all it's a huge thumbs up from me.   

You can find @Batch5Bakery on Twitter or visit their website for details of their products and where to buy them.


  1. Nice to see you are well bread. :D

  2. Batch#5 loves Charlotte! Thank you for your kind words.
    We currently have 22 gluten free products in the Batch#5 range and new ones are being added all the time, so lots for you to blog about, please!