Thursday, 26 June 2014


I know you're struggling today.
You used your spoons up yesterday.
You need a rest until it passes,
Go back to bed now, don't delay.

I know you're struggling today.
You did too much and now you'll pay.
I know exactly how you suffer,
Precisely how it all gets tougher.

How you're stapled to the bed,
Ribs of iron, limbs of lead,
There's a pounding in your brain,
Your kidneys sore, your liver pained,
Your heart beats as fast as Keith Moon's drumming.
In your head, a constant humming.
The food you eat makes you feel worse,
Don't call the doctor, call a hearse!
Every whisper is a shout,
Your legs feel like they're giving out,
Your neck becomes a block of wood.
You try to sleep no but it's no good.
Hot flushes and cold sweats
But listen - you're not beaten yet.

I know you're struggling today.
I know in each and every way.
But it won't always be this way.
I promise it will be okay.

I know you're struggling today.
You struggle every single day.
Just keep on smiling through the pain,
Look for the sunshine through the rain.

And one day you and I will find 
We leave this misery behind.
Won't need to struggle or give in.
One day my friend, we both will win. 

© Charlotte Green


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  2. I love your poems so much. I got a bit tearful by the end of this one as I've been really struggling with payback this week and that's exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!


  3. I think your poems are brilliant, clever, wonderful, enlightened, inspiring, lovely. In fact words could not describe the love I feel flowing to you especially (I might be a bit biased) and all those with ME hoping that the love will help heal and make everyone well. It is a journey and some journeys are longer than others and through journeying we learn lots about ourselves. with love light and blessings MA x