Friday, 9 May 2014

Just ME

I am not 'fighting' my M.E because it's a battle I would lose. Actually, I am trying to embrace the illness and adapt to what my brain and body tell me they can cope with. I choose to go with the current and not swim against it because that is how you overcome an illness like mine. I have tried to 'battle' against it and ended up far worse. I am saving my precious energy for the things I can do rather than beating myself up over the things I can't.

It seems I am not alone in finding all this talk of 'battles' and how 'brave' we are rather patronising and inaccurate. This is for all my fellow spoonies who are sick of being told to fight their illness.

Just ME

I am not brave
I am not battling
I am not strong
Despite my struggling.
I am no warrior
I don't fight
I just try hard to last each night.
Each night of pain
Each day of aches
Try not to sleep when I should wake,
Not to wake when I should sleep,
When it's too much I'll have a weep.

I am not gutsy
I'm not wise
Nor inspirational,
It's all lies.
I'm just me
With my M.E.
I'm still your average human being.

I cope because I have to
Because I really have no choice.
Like the thousands of us out there
Trying hard to find a voice.
You learn to deal with what life gives you,
Keep on smiling through the pain.
If it ever happened to you
Then I know you'd do the same.

You'd cope because you had to.
You'd cope - I have no doubt.
You'd learn to deal with what life gives you.
I hope to God you don't find out.

© Charlotte Green

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  1. This is beautiful! Puts into words what I've struggled to explain over the years. xxx