Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Spoonie Prayer

Whatever your faith or denomination, whether you believe in a higher power or not, I think this prayer is one spoonies everywhere can relate to (although male spoonies might wish to leave out certain bits.......)

The Spoonie Prayer

Make me well,
Oh make me well.
Deliver me 
From living hell.
I don't need riches,
Don't need fame,
Just want a normal life again.
I don't need sympathy or pity
Just need to stop feeling so shitty.
Don't make me talented or wise.
No bigger breasts or smaller thighs.
Don't make me beautiful or clever
Just swear I won't be ill forever.
Give me patience,
Give me hope.
Give me strength 
To help me cope.
Make me well,
That's all I ask.
Is it such a testing task?
If you make me well, I promise
It will be a brand new start.
I won't waste life like I used to.
I will savour every part.

© Charlotte Green