Friday, 25 April 2014

Half Life

Do I exist?
Shut in my bubble.
Out here
On the periphery.

I am the twilight
Stuck between,
On the edges
Lost in dreams.
Can you see me,
Hear me call?
Would you catch me
If I fall
Even further,
Even deeper?

I am fading,
Fading fast
From your lives,
Your minds,
Your pasts.
Don't forget me - 
I'm still here,
Still the same 
Beneath the fear.
I exist!

Shut out of the world,
I'll keep shouting 
Til I'm heard.
Til the last breath
Leaves my mouth,
Til my lungs burst
From the strain.
I am here 
I'm alive
I'm in pain.
Whether you choose
To see me or not,
I exist.

© Charlotte Green

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