Monday, 7 April 2014

For Anna

I wrote this late last night for my friend Anna. Things have been especially tough for her lately and I wanted to remind her that it won't alway be this hard. When you have a chronic illness, no day is a walk in the park but there are times when all you can do is head back to bed and cry your heart out. The important thing is not to let those rock-bottom days get the better of you in the long run.

I felt quite emotional writing these words because I hate to think of my spoonie friends suffering, especially as I know exactly how bad it can get. And, after a day when I myself was confined to bed and feeling awful, it was perhaps exactly what I needed to tell myself as well. So here it is - I hope she likes it and I hope it helps.

For Anna

Do not be afraid,
It will pass.
When you truly hit the bottom
There is only one way left:
Up to the light,
Up to the air,
Up from the night,
Up from despair.
You must let the current take you.
If you fight it you will fail.
Bend with the flow and not against,
Bide your time, preserve your strength.
It will pass.
This I promise you.
Do not fear.
Fear will bind you.
It won't help you,
It will drag you deep.
Be the water,
Let it flow.
Cast off fear,
Let it go.
Even water, given time
Cuts through the hardest rock.
I know it hurts,
Hurts like hell,
But it will pass.
This I promise you.

© Charlotte Green

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