Sunday, 13 April 2014


Another poem of mine written today, funnily enough whilst I was lying in bed. Inspired by John Donne's 'The Sun Rising' and the idea of a bed being the centre of the universe.*

*Yes I am an English graduate and yes, I am pretentiously passionate (or passionately pretentious) about the Metaphysical Poets. 


My captor and my saviour,
My gaoler and my joy.
The only place I feel myself,
The only way to improve my health.
Without my bed I'd be far worse,
The centre of my universe.

My bed: the ever present sun,
The axis around which I'm spun.
With its warmth, restoring me
Yet at the same time, holding me.
Its gravity always drawing back,
A force too strong to counteract.

If I could leave, I would not stay.
I dream of days I'll get away
Beyond the confines of these walls
Not hearing my bed's constant calls.
To not be tied with invisible thread,
Having to spend a life in bed.

I'll make the best of things whilst I'm here
But no-one deserves this, year after year
And don't you think if this was "all in my head"
By now I'd have had enough of bed.

© Charlotte Green

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