Friday, 14 June 2013

Eye eye ISS

Last night I sat in my garden for a whole 10 minutes and watched the ISS passing overhead. It was my fourth attempt in as many nights, the other times thwarted by bad timing or cloudy weather.

As I sat there watching those astronauts all those many miles away hurtling around the earth it occurred to me that this was quite something. At that moment we were complete opposites of each other. The people in that tin can flying around in space were as far as you could possibly get from the planet and here I was watching them, my own particular orbit reduced to going between the back garden and the front step.

Yet for a few magical moments as they sailed directly over my head, there was nothing between us but air. We were sharing the same patch of sky but from opposite ends of the spectrum. It felt amazing. For one split second I even thought to myself that one day that might be me hurtling round up there. Then I remembered that at my age and with my medical history the chances of NASA taking me on are slim to none. Oh well. It didn't really matter because for those few moments out in my back garden I wasn't housebound, I wasn't stuck at home, I wasn't ill - I was with those men up in that space station and I was flying high above the world.

You can view the next time for the ISS passing over the UK here.

View of the UK from the ISS.

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  1. Lovely post I get notifications by email from NASA as to when the station is visible!!! x