Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A lot can happen in a year.......

but then again, a whole lot of nothing can go on too.

So here I find myself attempting a blog again almost a year after my last post. It would be great to tell you how my life has suddenly become wonderful and amazing, with tales of good health and hearty exploits, but it hasn't. Bah.

A potted history of the last 12 months goes as follows:

I found myself still ill in the new year after 3 months of being a virtual recluse and barely leaving the house. Following the advice of both Doctor and Occupational Health (OH), I started to visit the school where I work(ed) in January to 'build up my stamina' for my supposed eventual return. Although not actually able to do any teaching, just being able to spend time with my lovely colleagues and take part in the random merriment of classroom life was great. It's amazing how enjoyable sharpening pencils and laminating display headings is when you've been all but housebound for what seemed like eons. Over the course of the year I was able to gradually build up from an hour every other day to a whopping 4.5 hours every day which all seemed quite positive. The summer holidays arrived, and being able to do things at my own pace and in snippets of sunshine (amidst the biblical downpours) meant that for the first time since I became ill I was able to feel almost normal. The warmer temperatures had also reduced my arthritic aches and pains to a tiny niggle and I was hopeful that I may actually get my life back to normal.

Then came September and the party ended.

Foolishly I thought I could rock up to school and start back at 4.5 hours each day. By the third day I was unable to leave the house and was confined to the sofa. On the advice of OH I cut my hours and reduced my visits back to every other day. The idea was to build up my hours again and then try building up the number of days. Then, as the weather and temperatures took a turn towards the arctic my aches and pains came back. Bum.

September truly was a horrible month and thankfully I have managed to claw myself back to a better place. And here I am in November, having had more blood tests (all normal) and waiting for a referral to a local clinic for CFS. I have been managing  3 hour visits to school every other day and today I pushed myself to 4 hours for the first time since July. I have an OH appointment next week but after a year of being fobbed off, given conflicting advice and generally left to fester by both OH and my doctor I have finally figured out I am going to have to do this my way. The medical profession don't seem to have a clue about this sort of illness and what is worse, they seem in no particular hurry to find out how to help sufferers like me.

So with all the serious stuff out of the way from now on I shall try to be more regular with my blogging. I hope to focus less on being ill and more on all the random thoughts and schemes I have now I have all this time to ponder and pontificate. The new, improved me. Perhaps it will have a knock-on effect with my health. Here's hoping!

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