Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My first blog

Well, this is an experiment really. Never having written a blog before and failing miserably at diary writing in the past I thought I'd give this a try. My main motivation is the fact that I have been off work with Post Viral Fatigue for a month now and after a disasterous attempt at returning to work on Monday have now been signed off for the foreseeable.

Now, I'm not assuming anyone out there has any wish to here me moaning on and whinging but this is my attempt at filling up the many hours I'm at home alone and quite frankly bored out of my tiny noggin. There is only so much Bargain Hunt you can watch before you go a bit loopy and I think I'm perilously close to the edge!

This blog is not intended to be solely about my poor health but as I'm not getting out much lately, it's fair to say I won't have much else to talk about for the time being.I'm also hoping that by talking about my symptoms a little, I should see some sort of improvement as sometimes it is hard to see any progress.

So that's a little intro into my world and I will start my blog in earnest tomorrow. Bet you all can't wait to hear about my feeble limbs and befuddled brain.

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