Friday, 18 November 2011

I Feel Good

Continued to feel dizzy for much of Tuesday but was less so on Wednesday. Was very sleepy however and failed in my attempts to get up early. Mooched about the house because the weather was awful but ventured to the shop to get dinner and felt as if I was wading through mud as I wandered round the aisles! Seemed to have constant headache  - an annoying niggle in my forehead that wouldn't go away. Found getting to sleep tricky.

Thursday again started with me struggling to wake up early and sleeping quite late. Felt less achey and went out in the afternoon to treat myself to a new phone. Was worried the technical info would trigger my confusion and hot flushes etc but didn't feel too bad. The assistant was lovely and didn't try to bamboozle me with the hard sell, which helped enormously. Felt really good in the afternoon apart from the slight niggly headache, which didn't seem to want to go away. I spoke to work - still not had my referal to Occupational Health sorted out which means I definitely can't go back yet. Doctor was all booked up but managed to get her to call me back and extend my doctor's note for a further 3 weeks. Hopefully that will give me plenty of time to sort out a phased return with Occupational Health and fingers crossed I may not need to be off the full 3 weeks. Had more trouble than usual getting to sleep and was awake til about 3.

Today is Friday and I had a good night's sleep eventually. Woke up feeling refreshed and very minimal aches today. My cough was a bit bad on getting up and I had a slight hacking fit, but it seems to have settled now. Actually feel really good and as usual this has me convinced I am better and should be straight off to work. I should remember to reserve judgement for a few days as if I feel bad tomorrow I will be down in the dumps again. Have spent the morning sorting out my new phone and don't feel too befuddled. Time for a technology break and perhaps some fresh air. Doesn't look great outside but a stroll will do me some good. Here's hoping the feeling good continues.....

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