Tuesday, 8 November 2011

'Help! I'm in a nutshell.'

Been a bit slack the last few days so here they are in a nutshell.

Saturday - felt knackered from high jinks at the hospital on Friday but managed a short trip to Homebase (woo!). Ordered a curry for dinner but then waited over 2 hours for it to arrive. We were literally about to drive off to Sainsbury's for back-up dinner when the delivery guy arrived so managed to get a 25% discount on the price. Just as well because it was bloody cold! Take away menu now ripped up and in the bin.

Sunday - Feeling more lively and less achey so went into town to look at mobile phones. I have decided it is time I rejoin the modern world by getting a phone that does more than just text or phone calls. Found my dream phone but in typical fashion, discovered it is not actually available yet. Curses! Patience is NOT my strong point. Lasted about 2 hours in town before I began to feel dizzy and out of it so came home.

Monday - Woke up feeling tired, achey and depressed. The first two I put down to being out and about yesterday. I do find that the day after even the mildest exertion I feel worn out and listless. The depression is due to still being ill but also being back on my own. It's lovely to have company at the weekends and when everyone heads off to work on Monday morning it just serves as a reminder that I am stuck at home.

Tuesday (today) - Much more chipper today. Less aches and less tired. Went to buy some groceries at Sainsburies and apart from my weedy arms making it difficult to carry the basket, I almost felt normal. Right cheered me up it did so I celebrated by treating myself to some online goods.

Overall, still peaks and troughs healthwise. My hands are still quite bad, particularly my left hand. It tends to swell up at night and most nights I wake up with pins and needles or cramp. My knees seem better and the pains seem to have gone but my feet are still dodgy and I have slightly swollen soles each morning. The tiredness seems to linked to how much I have done the day before and so I'm trying to find a balance between doing too much and not doing anything. I'm also trying not to worry about the future as it is hard to know how long this is going to last. The important thing to remember is that it is not going to be forever.

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