Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fedded up.

Well, I wasn't quite prepared for how tiring socialising is...... I am absolutely knackered today. So much so that I have been too wiped out to do ANYTHING and even had a couple of hours napping this afternoon to recover. I am so shocked at how bad I feel - let's just put things into perspective. I mean it's not as if I ran a marathon yesterday. Here's what I actually did......

I got picked up by my colleague and driven to a cafe. Hardly had to do any walking other than short stroll to car and back. I had a hot chocolate and we chatted for an hour or so then I was driven home. Felt worn out so spent the afternoon on the sofa watching telly. Hardly high energy stuff. Then around 5ish I walked to another colleague's house. She lives 5 minutes slow stroll away and even this made me feel a bit woozy. When I got there I wanted to sit down so much! I was plied with tea and biscuits which was lovely and she kept asking if I was ok and saying how tired I looked. It just seemed that I got to a certain point and my energy levels just crashed and that was game over.

Being such a lovely person, she insisted on driving me home even though it is such a short journey. I kept saying I'd be fine but I'm glad she did because the second I got through the door I burst into tears because of how tired I was. Spent the rest of the evening resting and too listless to do anything then woke up today aching and headachey and generally feeling rubbish. All very depressing. Was too worn out to go on the computer or even hold a book so watched Bargain Hunt then had to have some sleep because there was no way I could keep my eyes open. The snooze has definitely helped and I feel a bit more lively but can't help but worry I'll not be able to go to sleep tonight. So much for getting my body into a normal routine. Trying not to let all this get me down but it is hard - I thought I was so much better but really there is no way I could do a full day's work let alone a full time job. I'm just soooooo bored of it all. Normality please!

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