Friday, 4 November 2011

Conquering Everest

After yesterday's behemoth, a shorter one today. Not quite Everest I'll warrant you, however today's jaunt felt like a feat of endurance to me although I did indeed manage to get to the hospital and back in one piece (I am now knackered). Being out of the house on my own felt a bit like landing on the moon but without the spacesuit. It's good to know I can get myself about even if I have now become one of those annoying people who shuffle along the pavement getting in everyone else's way. Usually my reaction is to mentally slap these people whereas from now on I may possibly hug them and shriek 'I know your pain!'.

Shuffling aside, I got my money's worth from the NHS today. First I was poked and prodded and had my reflexes tested with a rubber doobery. Then down to the basement for a chest and hand x-ray. Back to the doc for a look at the pics - quite interesting looking inside oneself. I was glad to note I have lovely bone structure in my hands. Quite wish I could have a copy for posterity. Then, finally a blood test before shuffling back to the bus and home just in time for Bargain Hunt.

The general consensus is that aches and pains are indeed temporary and will go away of their own accord in time (possibly up to a year!). There is no damage in my hands and chest is ok too so not rheumatoid arthritis, which is good news. Blood test results are due in about 2 weeks and should back this up.

As for how I'm feeling today, tired but positive. A boost to my confidence to have made it on my own. The walk did my knee some good but still have slight swelling in my feet and hands. Bizarrely my thighs feel a bit numb - this is a new one and typically only came on after I got back. Oh well, as the saying goes, worse things happen at sea.

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