Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Aint nothing going on but the rent.

Friday continued on nicely and in thew evening we went to see some friends. It felt so good to be leaving the house on a Friday night, even if it was just to go and sit on someone else's sofa! I had a lovely time and energy levels started to ebb so we came home earlier than we would normally. Who would have thought that socialising was such hard work? Anyway, went to bed aching and tired and didn't have the best night's sleep.

Saturday was payback day - tired and aching from Friday's exertions meant I really did not feel up to much. The day was spent resting and mooching round the house. Was still tired and achy in the evening so went to bed early then proceeded to lie awake for hours. On the plus side, my body felt much better for having a nice lie down under a warm duvet.

Sunday was better and I almost felt normal at times! Did not want to waste the day with more mooching so went for a lovely Sunday Roast at the pub. This made me very sleepy so came home and read the Sunday papers for the rest of the day. Had a slight coughing fit at bedtime and again lay awake for a bit but not as long as normal.

Monday was ok on the whole. The weather was rubbish so that put me off going out, although in the end I was getting so stir crazy that I went for a walk in the rain. Decided to only go round the block as the rain got worse almost as soon as I left the house. My walking seems to be speedier, which is a good sign, although it is hard to tell properly without someone else walking beside me. Unfortunately just a short 10 minute stroll had me worn out and feeling the slightest bit dizzy. Again had slight coughing fit and trouble sleeping last night but have purposefully got up earlier today to try and get my body back into a normal routine. As a result, I am pretty tired through lack of sleep and I have aching in my hands, wrists and arms as well as a bit of oddness in my feet. To be honest, I feel like just going back to bed but I want to try and get into a routine of proper sleep times.

I've got quite a busy day today in the scheme of things. A work colleague rang me yesterday to invite me for coffee and very kindly offered to pick me up. You can tell you don't get out much when you dress up for a coffee - I've put perfume on and everything! Then later today I'm going to see another work colleague who lives round the corner. She has invited me for a cup of tea to give me an excuse to leave the house. As it's just a short walk to her house this is perfect. Hopefully going out will be good for my self confidence and give me a good idea of how my body will cope out of the house. I've a feeling I may suffer a few aches tomorrow as a result, but on the plus side that will make me feel better about still being off work. Wonder how the Christmas preparations are going? Can't decide whether I'm glad to be out of the stress or sad to be missing all the excitement.

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